10 Signs That You Need Professional Style Help
Have you made any of these mistakes? These 10 signs that are red flags for your wardrobe, image and style. Are you a style genius, or do you need to hire a professional style and image consultant?
I've been interested in style and fashion for as long as I can remember. Back in the day, the problem was getting your hands on the right information. Niche information was a lot less accessible before the age of the internet.

Now, we have the opposite problem.

I remember browsing the web many years ago when the internet started booming and information became a lot more accessible to the masses. It seemed like new fashion websites were popping up daily!

Being an amateur but avid enthusiast at the time, I felt like the information was consuming me instead of the other way around. I've always had a mind and appreciation for structure and systems (naturally, as my first career is in education), and I was looking to understand and process as much information on style as I could find.

The problem was (and currently is) that there are many competing and unprofessional opinions on style out there with no tangible system or framework to back up the claims.

To me, education implies a step-by-step process and framework with foundational principles. When I first started out in the world of style and image, I was overwhelmed and lost with all the information. It took years of digesting as much information as I could and attending 3 image schools to build a system that I could understand and utilize daily.

Fast forward a few years…

My mission is to educate people on proven style and image formulas that improve confidence and create harmony and beauty.

Today, I want to make it easy for you and eliminate the stress and headaches that I endured during my 20 year-long education process.

Let's start with some basic red flags that can help you identify some problem areas.

1. You're wearing colours that "kill" your face

I'm pretty sure most of you have seen a colour wheel and learned colour theory in school. Even if you happened to be paying attention during that class, this is what your teacher didn't tell you: not all colours were created equal.

If they were, each of us would look fresh, radiant, and young every day! Any colour can look good on a canvas, provided the artist used the right colour combination. Yet, did your teacher tell you that not every colour looks good on every person?

You have probably noticed that sometimes people look "off" in certain colours, but what does that mean? How do you know which colours work and which don't?

Those of you that have not found their colours yet (which translates into their colouring) are forced to take serious risks when shopping for new clothes. That is because you don't know which colours make you look like a goddess and which make you look… well, sickly.

Those who know their Colour Code can confidently choose clothes that make them look even more beautiful and radiant!

2. Your clothing is emphasizing things that you don't want to be emphasized
Image by Pexels on pixabay.com
The contrasting colour accent in this dress is better suited to a fuller chest.

Do you find it easy to identify clothes that make your body look more attractive? Do you have "trouble spots" that you would like to disguise? If you do, do you know how to turn them into an asset?

If you are having doubts about some of your clothing items, I urge you to do a wardrobe sweep right away. The last thing we want is to waste any precious closet real estate. Remember, the right style will make you irresistible!

3. You don't remember what your natural hair colour is
Image by Pixabay on pexels.com
Unless you are a model that is constantly changing her image, it is best to stay away from colours that limit your outfit options. The best hair colour is one that enhances your natural features.

If you have dyed your hair so many different colours that you don't remember your natural colour, you may have strayed too far from the path. However, if you happened to find the right shade that makes you look both fresh and expressive at the same time, I congratulate you!

The right hair colour is one of the main agents of freshness for your face – even with minimal makeup, you will look vibrant! If you want a new look, but you don't know what your ideal colours are, it is better to seek the advice of a professional so that you save money, time, and avoid possible "oops" moments!

4. You fit into a certain image stereotype
Image by daily sunny on flickr.com
As much as you may wish to be seen as a certain "type", it needs to be natural to you and align with your lifestyle and personality. Harmony and beauty are created when everything is in sync.

Do the following image stereotypes sound familiar? "Ditzy blonde", "femme fatale", "Bond girl", "hipster student", "sexy librarian", "cold businesswoman", etc.

You go on living your life and one day you wake up and acknowledge that you've fallen into a comfortable, painful rhythm that you may not be satisfied with. That may not sound so bad if you've become the typical Bond girl, however…

More likely, you buy all your clothes from only one brand and adopt their persona without checking in with your lifestyle or personality. Plunging into the vanity prescribed by the world, you forget the "type" you were naturally born as and then… dissonance.

Don't forget to check in with yourself if you find yourself falling onto an (uncomfortable) rhythm.

5. Your only wardrobe is your work wardrobe
Image by Pixabay on pexels.com
Or your workout pants, whatever you do more of.

Your girlfriend calls you up and invites you to a party in town. Awesome! You walk up to your closet 15 minutes before you have to walk out the door… and you're not sure which button-up shirt to match with which pencil skirt. As usual, you sigh in frustration because there is nothing to wear – AGAIN! And you painfully sort through all 26 pencil skirts.

What, still got nothing?! It's time to expand! It's time to own your own style!

6. The last top you bought was purchased in college, and you are into your second career now
Image by Pixabay on pexels.com
There is a variety of possible explanations why you may not be wearing age-appropriate clothing: it took years to get where you are now and you finally have some disposable income, or maybe the 20-year-old you needed to present yourself as older and more mature.

It's time to leave that boring black suit jacket at the door. Your wardrobe may need a reality check – are all of your clothing pieces still relevant and complement your lifestyle?

7. You have no idea how to wear accessories

Here's what always gives away the apprentice: incorrect use of accessories. What kind of belt does this dress need? What shoes match this suit? How do I tie my scarf?

Some of these decisions are made intuitively but overall uncertainty demonstrates inexperience in matters of style. It's worth learning how to wear accessories, believe me, as accessories create the main accents in your outfit!

8. Your best colour combination is white on black
Image by Igor Ovsyannykov on unsplash.com
Is colour a touchy subject for you and your wardrobe? Do you struggle with what styles of tops and bottoms go together, or what shoes to pick? How often are you frustrated by the fact that your clothes don't match?

If this happens often, it's time to take another look at your wardrobe! Are you just wearing clothes or do you have a complete and harmonious image – it's up to you!

9. Your wardrobe is sweet cotton candy but your personality is spicy chipotle
Image by Pixabay on pexels.com
If you look and feel natural in plush, oversized sweaters but try to squeeze yourself into a romantic image in high heels, believe me, we can tell! Look for harmonious compromises between your natural look and your desired impression that allow you to be organic in your natural authentic style.

10. Your McQueen's are wearing you
Image from wikimedia.org
Fashion constantly challenges us to experiment. Do you easily take fashion risks? It's fine! Just remember, if a specific novelty garment does not enhance your looks, then maybe let it adorn the store window display instead. Alternatively, find the pieces that make you look more attractive rather than daring!

You have now become acquainted with 10 troubling signs of poor style, all of which say that it's time to re-evaluate your wardrobe! You may have intuitively avoided some of the points mentioned and dodged some bullets, while others could be a total surprise. Trust me, it took me years of "intuition" and frustration to get to where I am now.

Be Radiant. Be Brilliant. Be Remarkable.
Own your chic.

I don't make clothes look good on you.
I make it so that YOU look exquisite in your clothes.

Eva Easton, M. Ed.

Authentic Personal Style, Color, And Image

Creator of the Beauty Code Method

Brainz 500 Global Honoree 2021

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