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Eva Easton, M. Ed.

Authentic Personal Style, Color, And Image

Creator of the Beauty Code Method

Brainz 500 Global Honoree 2021

Our clients love us
"Eva, thank you again for taking the time to explain how my Style Lookbook works. I just love it. What fun I am going to have! I would have never believed this was possible for me to pull off. I am so glad I can be so "out there" with my style.

It really does help with making well-informed decisions on my next purchases. Now if I can only find what I am looking for. I really do not care how long it takes. I just know it will be worth it.

Also, looking good is ageless and aging can be a classy stylish journey. It is never too late to make changes in life. Some people might think that good dressing and style is only for the young, but it is not.

I am giddy with excitement, and all the possibilities. So much to put into practice. A thousand times… Thank you.

You have made such an impact and difference in my life! I am grateful for everything you have done for me, Eva."
Nancy B.
Karate Studio owner and senior instructor
Calgary, Canada
"My workday is spent in the office, and as I advanced in my career my understanding of dress code and style has changed. At some point I realized that my clothing style does not suit my senior position in any way (although a casual office, I knew the t-shirt and jeans had to go). I knew I needed something more collected and feminine – spoiler alert: I later learned that romantic and feminine styles were perfect for me, so my intuition hadn't quite failed me!

I searched the internet for all manner of advice on office dress, and I read through a lot of long articles full of fluff. The lack of real content was really frustrating… until I found Code to Chic.

I'd like to say thank you for your services, through which I learned my core wardrobe pieces, my body natural lines and what pieces work to show it off best and hide the things I want to hide. I also want to mention the high quality information on accessories, as I previously had no idea what to wear and how much of it.

I recommend Code to Chic for anyone that has a desire to improve their wardrobe! I am able to go to work with confidence now and I feel better respected because of my image."
Chloe S.
Senior administrative assistant
Denver, USA
"The problem I had before my color analysis and consultation is that I had a closet of clothing that did not work together, I did not like how they looked on me and did not know why. Shopping for clothing was a frustrating experience which I avoided as much as possible.

When I received my Personal Color Lookbook, it was WOW! The emotions were compared to receiving the most wonderful and unexpected gift. I am excited about creating a new look for myself. It was the most positive experience I have had. I like the detail of the book, and that I can reference back to it anytime.

And now I have the information at my fingertips everywhere I go. Learning that I have signature colors, and how to combine them was a discovery to me. It takes the mystery out of how to choose color and having the confidence to put them together. I look younger and more refreshed.

The changes are still in the early stages, but I have had complements on the changes so far. I will be able to present myself the way I have always wanted to but did not know how.

I believe that the changes will give me the image that will change my life personally and professionally. Life is too short to not look and be your best self. Making the changes is easy once you have the right tools.

I am so grateful to you, Eva! Your Color Lookbook is outstanding! Thank you so much!"
Claire J.
Business development consultant
Seattle, USA
"I've always wanted to look beautiful and stylish, but really, no one ever taught me how to do it. I've always had to experiment to get a certain look but the result was never what I wanted.

When I found Code to Chic, I saw that I finally tapped into the information I was missing to develop my personal, unique style – not some typical cookie cutter fashion blog post but real information that was relevant to me, all in the comfort of my home.

I learned about style types, how to build a core wardrobe, how to create stylish sets, what colors suit me, etc.

I have changed the way I put an outfit together every day. Before, if I had to spend more than 5 minutes getting dressed, I would get frustrated and wouldn't bother trying.

Now, I know exactly what I am doing and everything just clicks into place. Eva has changed how I feel about clothes and my own image! I am very happy with my progress and I will continue to grow and educate myself. My students and clients have noticed the difference already!"
Sabina M.
Psychologist, educator
Philadelphia, USA
"I've been working with Eva for a few months and I am learning lots of new and interesting things. The best part—I am getting cohesive and well-structured information that is not contradictory and has a system of learning in place which is facilitated by a professional.

I am always trying to apply what I've learned from Eva day to day. The things I've learned from different 'topics' within image and style connect more and more every day and I am planning on staying with Code to Chic and solidifying my skills. Thank you so much Eva and team for your extensive efforts! You rock!"
Anne L.
Business strategist
Atlanta, USA
"Hello, Eva! What words do I use to describe my extreme gratitude for the magic that you create? Imagine my glowing eyes when I look at myself in the mirror every day — I owe it to you and your image and style school, Code to Chic.

My family, friends and colleagues are tired of me telling them about your wonderful website and your inspiring, easy to understand and colorful personalized Lookbook. I wish you and your team all the best!"
Nicole B.
IT manager
Toronto, Canada
"Recently I started working with Eva and I am completely enamored. I am trying to create a new wardrobe and a new me! Being a 'mature' woman I wanted to know what I could get away with at my age…

The information in the Lookbook I received is accessible and has tons of examples. I did a wardrobe revision and was able to put together a few new awesome sets.

Eva's content helps me look at myself and my wardrobe in a new way. I feel more confident building my wardrobe now. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge."
Amy R.
HR specialist
San Francisco, USA
"Where I live, clothing stores have a wide variety but this creates the problem of what to buy! I wanted to know what clothes suit me best. A few months ago I started working with Eva. The content I get from her is interesting, to the point, and with no 'fillers'. I decided to purchase a personal consultation. I learned many interesting things – my personal colour palette and what colours suit me best, my authentique style and what is essential in my core wardrobe, and many other things. I looked forward to receiving more content in my inbox.

Now I can shop with confidence and stop wasting my money on clothes I won't wear! Not to mention the time I will save. I am really happy with what I got out of it. Thanks Eva!"
Karen D.
Operational risk advisor
Miami, USA
"I was at a work-related conference a few months ago and I overheard a couple of women talking about how I was not dressed well enough for someone who is in the wedding business. They were criticizing my dress and saying I need to get a makeover. Honestly, it didn't feel good. I always thought I dressed well enough and I thought I could put together a good outfit. After the conference, I thought I might talk to a style consultant. While looking on the internet I found Code to Chic.

I hit a gold mine with Eva's services! This is real quality content! It forced me to dig deep and analyze what I wear, why I dress like that and what I want to change. I'm not a "classic" type of girl (like I thought I was) and I didn't feel comfortable in this style, but my wardrobe was full of grey things. I am actually a "natural" kind of girl and chocolate brown and beige tones suit me more on the outside and inside. Eva helped me figure myself out and helped me to accept how I feel.

I learned what kind of clothing to buy for my archetype and colouring, what jewelry work for me, what bags and shoes. But the most important thing for me was I started to THINK and not just copy someone else. I can now shop with ease and walk straight past things that I know don't work for me.

Actually, I love shopping now. You go up to the racks and you look and see that there is nothing for me to buy. And if I do find something, it is even MORE exciting.

Thank you Eva for teaching me to look at clothes with a different way of thinking. I am confident that what I have learned will stay with me."
Scarlett P.
Wedding planner
New York, USA
"After my pregnancy and the birth of my son, I eventually had to return to my regular life and see my family and friends. I wanted to start this stage of my life feeling renewed, so I started reading up on style, fashion, and I found Code to Chic. The site and the services gave a sense of professionalism and I couldn't resist signing up. It was so well timed! The information was explained very well and this was exactly what I needed.

There were a lot of things that were new to me – for example, my archetype and unique style, my personal colours, my recommended and absolute best colours, and how accessories completely change the style of the outfit. In fact, I got more than knowledge out of it – I actually learned a whole system out of it that resonated with everything I knew before and built on it. I love that you can apply everything you learn to your own wardrobe right away and you can learn in the comfort of your home (very important when you have a toddler).

Not that much time has passed since I've started but I am experiencing the change already – my personal style is falling into place, along with the right accessories, and I can tell which pieces fit together and which don't, which helps me when I go shopping. I feel more harmonious in how I look and that impacts how I interact with the world and how confident I feel."

Sienna D.
Mother of a two-year-old toddler
Winnipeg, Canada
"The Wardrobe Consultation offered by Code to Chic is eye opening. I have never done a wardrobe revision before so it needed a lot of work. There were also many takeaways for me about how to shop effectively (key word being effectively).
Big thank you to Eva and Code to Chic for laying out all the information in a way that is easy to understand and apply to my life."
Shauna E.
Budget analyst
Regina, Canada
"I've been working with Eva individually for a while now. I remember being really excited to have the opportunity to work on my style, and I didn't even know what "image" was! Everything I receive from Code to Chic has tons of useful, concrete information that is broken down systematically and accurately with no contradictory information. Thank you so much Eva and good luck to you! I will be staying with you for a long time."
Lisa H.
Chicago, USA
"I've been looking for a way to learn more about style for a while. I decided to purchase a personal consultation with Eva! I got a lot of quality content to help me create my perfect outfits in the future. Easy to understand, helpful, and interesting.

I have never seen such detailed how-to style content. I learned that I don't need to have a large wardrobe with many clothing pieces, but that I need to have less pieces that go well with each other, and that I need to do a complete wardrobe overhaul! This information forced me to look at myself from an outside perspective. Now, I will only be buying clothes that suit me and work with the rest of my wardrobe, and I will be putting together possible outfits in advance.

From the first part of the course, I have taken away my signature colors and my personal clothing, hair and makeup color palettes – now I know what colors to avoid!

This service is special because it is simple in how the information is presented and geared towards the individual – keeping in mind that everyone is different and has different things that work for them.

I am really happy with this service, and I am looking forward to continuing my own learning in this field. Bravo, Eva!"
Nina R.
Phoenix, USA
"Every morning I would stare at my closet and feel like I have nothing to wear, even though it's full of clothes. I figured that there was something wrong with my shopping habits if I couldn't wear the clothes I buy, but I wasn't sure what to change and how.

One day I came across an advertisement for Code to Chic and I decided to take a chance and sign up. I made the right choice. Since that time, I learned what my mistakes were, that everyone needs core pieces that work together in specific personal colors and styles, and that the wardrobe and accessories are built on that. I always used to buy the clothes that were the trend of the season, and that's why my wardrobe became storage for clothes that didn't work with each other. I think many have this problem as no one teaches you these things and companies just want you to buy the latest trend!

Eva gives you information on how to put together a wardrobe in a clear and convenient way. I also really liked that I could print out key information and examples and take them with me when I go shopping. I saved so much time and money doing this as I knew exactly what worked for me and what didn't.

I decided not to buy any new clothes until I have fully studied my Lookbook. I want to be confident in my knowledge, since I keep learning new concepts and methods. I'm happy that this information will be useful to me throughout the rest of my life, so it is a good return on investment.

Thank you so much to Eva and the Code to Chic team for this wonderful opportunity."
Naomi K.
Digital marketing manager
Vancouver, Canada
"Honestly, I don't really like to write reviews, but in this case I looked forward to writing this review for Code to Chic.

I work as a representative of a large European corporation and that means that I always need to look the part. Growing up I always wanted to dress well and tried to master the craft for years but there was something missing – personal sense of style or otherwise. I am always impressed and even jealous of people that dress perfectly and look well put together, which comes across in the way that they carry themselves. I can honestly say that while my clothes were well cut and professional, I was not stylish or fashionable by any means. I spent lots of money on clothes and accessories that did not coordinate with anything else that I owned and therefore would lie at the back of my closet for years, and every day I would feel like I have nothing to wear! Sounds familiar, right?

And then a little miracle came into my life – my daughter! While on maternity leave, I wanted to take the time to reorganize my life and reevaluate things and make positive life changes where I needed to.

During my internet search for advice I came across Code to Chic. To my surprise, the content wasn't the usual fluff you usually find on the internet, and it provided real value and practical advice! I caved in and purchased a personal consultation. I could tell that I was going to get value for my money. I'd like to point out that I got a lot out of this service that suited me personally (my personal color palettes for clothing and accessories, makeup, and hair, my authentic styles in clothing and accessories, etc.), instead of giving just a lot of general information. My experience was very good – the information as presented with many examples, in a logical and precise order).

As a result of this information, I got a new understanding of style and of myself. I learned exactly what kind of clothes I need to buy, and as a result, how to save money and invest my money in the right pieces. That is really important to me! I got a huge confidence boost and learned that I CAN be stylish – it's possible, you just need the right information and the desire to make a positive change. I recommend Code to Chic to all women who want to create their own individual style."
Jacqueline S.
Sales representative
Brighton, UK
"I really love everything that has to do with style and fashion. I never stay still and I try not to miss "Project Runway" and re-runs of "What Not To Wear". There is a lot of information out there on fashion and style (good and bad), but Code to Chic literally hits the nail on the head in terms of ACCURATE and HELPFUL information gathered into one place. It's precise, sequential, and most importantly – I understand the logic behind it and I agree with it! So often I come across articles online written by university students about "what not to wear" and it's aimed towards being viral and does not hold real content. Before Code to Chic, I already had a good understanding of style and I was excited to find that Eva was able to help me create a concrete action plan with all the bits and pieces I was previously missing.

Today I know exactly what my styles are, what my wardrobe's core pieces are, my accessories, and how different cuts of clothing respond to my body. Eva is easy to work with and is open to questions and suggestions.

I have learned to shop better, smarter, and my outfits have become harmonious, chic, and complete. The further I go, the more confident and excited I feel to learn more. I've begun to create my core wardrobe – I already owned some of the key pieces and I know exactly what I need to buy to complete it. These pieces are versatile and, though simple, look good in any situation and mix and match easily.

This content is not like anything I've seen online. There is a precise method (hence CODE to Chic, I guess) and the examples that Eva uses are brilliant and show her experience and expertise in the field."
Jennifer B.
Stay-at-home mom with home business
Salt Lake City, USA
"It was a pleasure to participate in a Wardrobe styling game! Before the game, I thought I was capable of dressing myself reasonably well for years. However, after playing this game I realized how wrong I was and that I was in need of help.

For years, most of my life really, I have a closet full of clothing that I did not know what to do with. Although the choices were nice on their own, they did not work with anything else I had. I was constantly frustrated and confused that I had a closet full of clothes and still felt I had nothing to wear.

Eva, you have taken the mystery out of it! You made me aware of color, and shape, and why accessories are so important, so now I am on the way to making better choices.

I would recommend this experience to anyone interested in removing the doubt of making the right purchase the first time. This was an enlightening and valuable experience, and it was so much fun!"
Lauren W.
Communications and public relations strategist
Ottawa, Canada
"A few months ago I had the opportunity to work with Eva at Code to Chic, and like many others I was curious to see if I would learn anything new, as I like to stay up to date with style and fashion as much as I can.

I have always considered myself a fashionable person and was always able to buy clothes that I liked, but ever since having kids (and other mothers will understand this!), I had to give up space in our home to give room to their growing collection of personal belongings. Yes!!! This was the perfect opportunity to finally go through my whole wardrobe, and armed with my new knowledge of my personal colors in clothing, hair, and makeup and how to create a capsule wardrobe, I could actually complete my wardrobe revision.

My goal was to sort my clothes by color and since I had also done the prints and accessories classes I was able to put aside everything that was "mine" and everything that was not. Needless to say, I was able to give my daughter half my wardrobe that day!

I can see now that my image is more sharp and cohesive. Your goal is to make the world a more beautiful and stylish place, and mine is to shine, be happy and be more confident! We are a perfect fit.

P.S. Finally the internet has done something more for me than be a complete waste of time!!!"
Maria T.
Boston, USA

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