Eva Easton, M.Ed.
Personal Colour Analyst
Authentic Personal Style Expert
Personal Style, Color, and Image Coach

• Expert on personal colors and authentic personal style

• Expert on desired personal and professional image

• Style and image design specialist practicing the latest and best methods

• Creator of style and image masterclasses, training and coaching programs

Be radiant. Be brilliant. Be remarkable.
Own your chic.

Create and celebrate the Unique You!

When working with my clients one-on-one, the most important for me is to create your new style, image and wardrobe that is totally in tune with not only your lifestyle but also with your inner world and you are very comfortable in it. My guarantee is that after your style and wardrobe transformation, you will not slide back into your old clothes, style, and wardrobe habits.

Here are my principles that I stand by:

• See your assets and focus on them
• Reveal your uniqueness and help work through your beliefs that might interfere with self-expression
• Respect your personal space and opinion
• Carefully craft a harmonious and comfortable personal authentic style
• Adjust the created image to your feel of life and your goals
• Improve your self-esteem and give you utmost confidence

I am convinced that the work of a style and image coach is not only about a new wardrobe. On a bigger scale, my work supports the creation of a more successful, harmonious and holistic person.
— Eva Easton, M.Ed., Code to Chic Founder

About Eva Easton, M.Ed.

Code to Chic Founder

Personal Colour Analyst
Authentic Personal Style Expert
Personal Style, Color, and Image Coach-Consultant

Growing up, I was given my mom's unwanted clothes to wear, and that was all I got for "fashion advice". I didn't feel very comfortable in out of style hand-me-downs.

I used to be just like you. Frustrated when I couldn't put together an outfit for an important occasion. Agitated when I went shopping to buy even more clothes I didn't need and couldn't figure out how to wear them. Wasting my time and money on clothes that looked good on a mannequin but didn't suit my body shape or coloring. I didn't even know what colors I could wear!

Today, I am an image coach and style expert, and educator transforming people's wardrobes and lives. I started my career in education over 20 years ago. I taught a wide range of courses to age groups ranging from preschool to university level. As my passion for style developed over the years, I merged my passion for educating and helping people with my love for style and image.

One of the wonderful things about being a style and image coach and educator is that you are never finished learning. I am constantly educating myself and staying on top of the latest methods from the best in the industry. With each day, I grow more motivated and passionate about bringing value to those who want to improve their image and even change their life!

Code to Chic is a style and image academy I established to reach a more global audience with an active blog, various offline and online individual consultations, professional style courses, and training programs with hands-on assignments and a peer support community. Topics include finding your unique personal style, creating your desired image, wardrobe management, efficient shopping, color analysis, unique visual body correction, occasion-wear such as office versus party, and more.

My goal is to develop and nurture taste, etiquette, and culture. Every person has inner beauty and I will help you discover, polish, and shine it, and bring it out for the world to see.

Be Radiant. Be Remarkable. Be Memorable.
Own your chic.

Create and celebrate the Unique You!

Eva Easton, M. Ed.

Authentic Personal Style, Color, and Image Coach-Consultant
Creator of the Authentic Beauty Code Method
Brainz 500 Global Honoree 2021

"I don't make clothes look good on you.
I make it so that YOU look exquisite in your clothes."

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