Your Personal Style CodeTM

Look 100% perfect,
whether at the office, in an important meeting, at a party, or on a date!
Are you uncertain of what clothes to buy?

Are you hesitant whether a garment is the right length or silhouette? Should your dress be knee-length or almost mid-calf? Shirt or sheath?

Are you indecisive when choosing prints and patterns? Do you know what works best for you: polka dots, stripes or a paisley pattern?

Are you undecided about what hairstyle and colour is best for you? Is it feathered hair or a pixie cut?

Are you unsure if your outfit is the right style for you? Do you look better wearing: ethnic or dramatic style, grunge or ladylike style?

Are you hiding behind baggy clothes?

Are you doubting the way you look in an outfit?

Are you afraid of buying and wearing accessories?
Eva Easton
Code to Chic Founder

Just imagine having absolute confidence in:

  • Looking beautiful, sharp, and feeling confident
  • Looking younger, vibrant, and having non-surgical face-lifting effect
  • Wearing clothes and accessories that suit your face and flatter your body
  • Finding your perfect hairstyles
  • Having an interesting and well-coordinated wardrobe you enjoy every day
  • Spending minimum time and having no stress when dressing every day or for any event
  • Having a wardrobe that accentuates your self-confidence and works for you
  • Creating any impression you wish to make for personal and professional goals
  • Shopping for the right clothes and accessories in just seconds
  • Saving money by investing it in the right pieces that make you look your best ever
  • Buying clothes and accessories that suit you and work with the rest of your wardrobe
  • Enjoying your quick, effortless, conscious, and confident shopping

Knowing your Personal Style CodeTM will take care of this!

You will look beautiful and
your absolute best ONLY when dressing according to your PERSONAL AUTHENTIC STYLE!
Style icons… Each of them has an exceptional and unique style that we always admire. We see them as goddesses, but thanks to the paparazzi, everyone knows that they are ordinary women like us. Not every ordinary woman becomes a style icon, but every style icon was an ordinary woman at one point. How is it possible? It isn't about ideal looks, money, or fashion. They just know their personal style secret and that's why we don't see their flaws.

A personal style secret is already encrypted in our appearance, face, and body. This "style icon" is already in you! Every woman is beautiful, but only a style analysis can uncover this beauty and unique, individual harmony inside you, decode it, bring it to life, and make it shine.

Only when you dress according to your Personal Style CodeTM do you have the chance to reveal the real, authentic you and look your absolute best!

Your Personal Style CodeTM is the foundation of an authentic, harmonious, and unique style, which is greatly desired by women but seldom achieved without professional assistance.

The clothing lines, prints, silhouettes, fabrics, and other important outfit elements that are right for YOU always work wonders!
After your color analysis and consultation,
you'll look 100% perfect, whether at the office, in an important meeting, at a party, or on a date!

Before and After

My unique Personal Style CodeTM methodology working with your appearance and designing your style and image is based on your natural individuality.

You will not just learn about your personal authentic style; I will teach you to navigate through a variety of styles, prints and patterns, silhouettes, and lengths so you'll be confident in what clothes suit you best.

As a result, you will masterfully handle everything related to your style. You will become your own style expert and image consultant.
Eva Easton, Code to Chic Founder

How does the Style Analysis and Consultation work?

You send the answers to the Discovery questionnaire and
a number of photos required
to prepare the style analysis
and consultation.
Your comprehensive illustrated Personal Style Lookbook full of detailed personal recommendations will be prepared within 7 weeks and sent to you via internet.
You book a 1-hour Skype call, and we go over your Personal Style Lookbook in full detail. You'll learn everything about your individual style so from now on you'll always pick the right clothes for you.

With Your Personal Style CodeTM, you will get:

1. Discovery consultation

2. Your style analysis

3. A 150+ page Personal Style Lookbook* that includes:

  • Your Beauty ArchetypeTM inner gifts
  • Your Personal Style CodeTM no-fail Signature look
  • Your clothing lines, shapes, and silhouettes
  • Your clothing color schemes
  • Your best lengths and proportions for garments
  • Your fabrics and prints
  • Your garments (suits, jackets, skirts, pants, sweaters, dresses, etc.)
  • Your best accessories (shoes, bags, belts, jewelry, etc.)
  • Your best hairstyles and hair color
  • Your makeup style and its color palette
  • Your personal Signature styles for clothing
  • List of styles and designs to avoid
  • Brand names that design clothes for your Personal Style CodeTM
  • Inspiration board of celebrities that belong to the same Beauty ArchetypeTM
  • Recommendations on your unique visual body correction for what to wear and what to avoid (e.g., slimmer silhouette, longer legs, etc.)

4. 1-hour Skype Style consultation to go over your Personal Style Lookbook and teach you to navigate through a variety of styles, prints and patterns, silhouettes, and lengths so that you'll be confident in what clothes suit you best

5. Free internet support for 30 days (from the consultation day) answering all of the questions you might have on your Personal Style Lookbook

*A Personal Style Lookbook comes in digital format sent via the Internet.

Examples of Your Personal Style Lookbook pages:

Your Lifetime Benefits

  • Perfect Wardrobe For Business And Career Growth:
    • effortlessly project the right image of an expert in your field
    • easily dress for any event
    • stand out in your marketplace when speaking, selling or meeting a client
    • be memorable to attract dream clients
    • dress for success and support your professional goals
    • create an unforgettable presence whether you are in person or online
  • Personalized And Effective Wardrobe:

    • have a well-coordinated wardrobe system tailored to suit your personal and professional needs
    • spend minimum time and have no stress when dressing every day, especially in the mornings
    • have an interesting wardrobe where all colors and pieces work together perfectly
    • have a wardrobe you enjoy every day
    • effortlessly dress for any occasion, stress-free
  • Your Best Look Ever:
    • look at least 5 years younger
    • look really fantastic in clothes and accessories you wear
  • Personal Style:
    • instantly know what clothes and accessories look great on you flattering your face and your body
    • have your personal Signature style that is authentic to you
    • put together striking outfits in different styles
  • Body Confidence:
    • have skills in flattering your unique face and your body
    • know personalized visual body enhancement techniques (for what to wear and what to avoid)
  • Accessory Mastery:
    • instantly know what accessories look great on you flattering your face and your body
    • put together ensembles matching clothes and accessories the right way
  • Hair Mastery:
    • wear hairstyles that really suit you
  • Makeup Mastery:
    • apply makeup in a way that enhances your natural beauty
  • Efficient, Enjoyable, And Confident Shopping:
    • make well-informed and quick decisions on your purchases
    • shop for the right clothes and accessories that suit you in just seconds, walking straight past things that you know don't work for you
    • choose only those current style trends that make you look beautiful
    • save a lot of money by investing in only the right pieces that make you look your best
    • invest in clothes and accessories that perfectly work with the rest of your wardrobe
    • remove the doubt in making the right purchase

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I don't make clothes look good on you.
I make it so that YOU look exquisite in your clothes.

Eva Easton, M. Ed.

Authentic Personal Style, Color, And Image

Creator of the Beauty Code MethodTM

Brainz 500 Global Honoree 2021

Your Personal Style CodeTM is Step 2 in working towards your authentic Signature style.

Bundle Your Personal Style CodeTM with Your Personal Color CodeTM
and SAVE on Your Personal Beauty CodeTM !

Your best colors for clothing, accessories, hair, makeup, and much more

Your best colors for clothing, hair, makeup, accessories, styles, silhouettes, visual body enhancement, and much more

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