Business Wardrobe Golden Rules
Regardless of who you are – a conservative financial director or a fashion editor for a glossy magazine, looking successful is the first step on the road to success. An impeccable appearance allows you to communicate effectively with superiors, customers, clients and colleagues.
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Neatness, attractiveness, elegance – these are the three main principles of a business wardrobe. Business clothes must follow dress code according to your upcoming event, and not irritate others. If your business image doesn't fit, it is a bad start, which is why the golden rules of a wardrobe are so important in the world of business.

1. Organize your wardrobe so you won't be in a hurry in the morning

Move all your work clothes to the most convenient place in the closet. After that, group them into categories: blouses to blouses, pants to pants, and so on. As a result, it will be easy to look at your open closet to choose the right pieces for the upcoming day.

2. Check with your business schedule
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If you know in advance that you have a business meeting on Tuesday and on Friday, such as an important lunch, it is foolish to frantically go through all your suits at the last moment, risking a late arrival and damaging your reputation. Try to think about your outfit the night before to avoid a rush in the morning.

3. Avoid traps

Clothes that you are 100% sure need tailoring or a repair should not be together with the rest of your wardrobe until they've been fixed. Otherwise, you could be caught up in a situation wearing a blouse without a button or trousers with a stain at an important meeting.

4. Do not dress too flashy

If you are dressed so that people primarily pay attention to your outfit, this is guaranteed to distract them from business communication with you. Your goal is to draw the attention of others to what you say or do, not what you wear. The classic low-key navy or gray suit will always emphasize your business skills.

5. Look at those around you

The best way to determine how to dress is to look at those who succeed in your professional field, and whose achievements you admire. When browsing through business magazines, pay attention to photos of prominent representatives of the business field you are interested in and analyze the style of their clothing and accessories.

6. Constancy inspires confidence

If you keep the same style of dressing day by day, it gives the impression of stability to others. Constancy contributes to the growth of trust in what you say and do. However, don't come to work wearing the same clothes two days in a row.

7. Do not forget about the small things
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Details emphasize your personality. Wear accessories that show your status and make people around want to compliment you.
Be Radiant. Be Brilliant. Be Remarkable.
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I don't make clothes look good on you.
I make it so that YOU look exquisite in your clothes.

Eva Easton, M. Ed.

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