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Build the well-coordinated tailored wardrobe you've always dreamed of so that you always know what to wear for any occasion

We help WOMEN OF ALL AGES, SHAPES, AND SIZES discover and refine their true authentic personal style that enhances their beauty.

It doesn't matter how old you are and what you do. You can be a student, a mom, a housewife, an office worker, a business owner, or a solopreneur.

When you discover your authentic personal style, you:
• Look radiant, sharp, and stylish
• Feel great about yourself and feel confident about how you dress
• Know what matches and how to pair items so that you can effortlessly put together a variety of outfits for any occasion
• Build your smart wardrobe with mix and match pieces that work with your lifestyle and create the right impression for a successful career and personal life
• Confidently purchase only the right pieces so that you look beautiful in them and exquisitely pulled together
• Invest in your wardrobe and make shopping fun and easy with consistently great results when you know what works and what doesn't beforehand
• And finally, feel happy when you look at your closet and never feel like you have "nothing to wear" again!

I don't make clothes look good on you.
I make it so that YOU look exquisite in your clothes.

Eva Easton, M. Ed.

Code to Chic Founder

Authentic Personal Style, Color, And Image
Creator of the Beauty Code Method

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Look and feel your best
by dressing in your Authentic Personal Style
Build a well-coordinated wardrobe that flatters your body and brings out your natural beauty
Create the best first impression and evoke the influence you wish using color and style
Effortlessly mix and match colors and create beautiful color combinations
Make shopping easy and quick with a visual Authentic Personal Style Lookbook to guide
every purchase decision
Confidently put together striking outfits where clothes and accessories are perfectly matched

Unlock your Beauty Code that polishes and shines your unique features
and ensures you have your DREAM WARDROBE!


Get a step-by-step plan on creating your new authentic personal style that enhances your beauty and building the well-coordinated tailored wardrobe you have always dreamed of so that you always know what to wear for any occasion

Your best colors for clothing, accessories, makeup, and hair
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Your best styles, silhouettes, accessories, visual body correction
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