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I help you discover
your Authentic Personal Style
and build your Dream Wardrobe

so that
- you dress the body you have today
- enjoy smart shopping
- look refined
- and feel confident

"My mission is to help you discover yourself
and your unique beauty, polish and shine it,
and bring it out for the world to see.
I will show you the shortest path to yourself -

Be Radiant. Be Remarkable. Be Memorable.
Own your chic."
Eva Easton, M.Ed.

Authentic Personal Style, Color, And Image

Creator of the Beauty Code Method

Brainz 500 Global Honoree 2021

Do you need
Personal Style, Colour and Image Coach

YES, if you value YOURSELF:
Many clients admit that they have missed opportunities in life because they didn't love themselves – they didn't go on a date or party, didn't take the initiative, doubted themselves and their abilities, etc.

A new personalized wardrobe and image give you a new outlook on yourself, your femininity and your beauty, and you start loving yourself.

After that, you will understand that investing in your own appearance and your positive emotions will bring greater returns in all spheres of life: in personal life, professional growth, and life satisfaction in general.
YES, if you value your TIME:
Has this ever happened to you – after spending a few hours in stores, you bought only one or two pieces, and were disappointed and frustrated that you wasted your time?

A Personal Style, Colour and Image Coach needs only one day to put together your wardrobe for the entire season. Of course, it will be a busy day putting together 10-15 different outfits constantly trying things on and moving around.

However, in the end, your personalized wardrobe will be completely ready for the season, and you can devote your free time to your family or new life projects.
YES, if you value your MONEY:
Please count how many clothes in your wardrobe that you don't wear. How much have you spent on them?

A Personal Style, Colour and Image Coach puts together ensembles mixing clothes in a way that they can be used in many outfits, and you will look different and modern each and every time.

A Personal Style, Colour and Image Coach knows how to skillfully mix expensive and inexpensive, basic and trendy pieces so that your image is stylish and spectacular.

Our modern world is a world of professionals,
so let me do the job I love so much and enjoy its results!

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3 Reasons My Clients Love Working With Me

  • Exclusive Methodology and Unique Personal Style and Wardrobe System in Working with Individual Features
I have gathered and put together special unique knowledge about female nature, individual features, characteristics, and needs of women - and they are completely different at every stage of life! Your unique natural features, age, lifestyle, preferences -
I successfully work with all of them and teach you step-by-step how to polish them, bring to shine, and create a personalized wardrobe that works for you.
At home, on the playground, in the office with colleagues, or with your online clients - you will always look appropriate, authentic, beautiful, and confident.
  • Easy Application in Everyday Life
Each personal consultation is aimed at solving the most urgent, frequent, and individual problems of women with their wardrobe, image, and style. You will always get the best unique personal solution working with me one on one. All my recommendations are for real women. Drawing on proven style systems and strategies, I craft actionable style and image solutions that you can apply today.
  • Achieving YOUR Goals
I focus on You and Your very essence by bringing out your authenticity and helping you design the impression and message you want to share with the world. My exclusive image methodology is thorough with knowledge of different types of unique female features and characteristics. Thanks to this, I will guide you by the hand to the result you need so that your personalized wardrobe will work for your personal and professional goals.

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