Fall/Winter 2018-2019 Style Trends
What are your plans for the 2018-2019 Fall/Winter season? This year, we will travel in time and space. The fashion trends take us back to the 80's, then take us back into the present day, from where we will then take a huge leap into the future. Best of all, we include notes on how each trend fits within each unique archetype!
Image is copyright to Calvin Klein Fall 2018
The current trends take us from the wild, wild west all the way to the UK for fabulous fabrics and textures. For the first time, we sidestep the classic wool coat for a vinyl trench. Not only do we see typical fabrics and materials challenged, but we also see more options for outerwear as a whole in the shape of capes, oversized down jackets, and windbreaker on the runways, because the multilayered look is now not only a practical solution but also a fashionable trend.

Next, we find ourselves wandering through the urban jungle where we notice both wild animal prints and lush blossoming gardens (although we are moving into fall, not spring).

World Fashion Weeks have left us with infinite inspiration and a clear idea of what trends will be prominent in the coming season. From transparent skirts to power suit, from plaid to vinyl – the Fall-Winter trends of 2018 look fantastic.

So, grab your windbreakers, wear balaclavas, pull out everything with a logo, and remember to adjust all trends according to your archetype and coloring. Surprised or intrigued? Keep reading.

Disclaimer: all images are copyright to their respective owners and Vogue.com. These images are being shared for editorial reasons only and no copyright infringement is intended.

Main Style Trends


Multilayered fashion is far from a new trend, but in the upcoming season, it will reach full potential. Layering has progressed beyond its exclusively practical function, and now it has a creative aspect – the more clothes you can put on yourself in such a way that all layers are visible, the more stylish and interesting your look will be.

Do not be afraid of the oversized look if you are exploring this trend! This trend calls for volume.

A couple of things to remember:

1) If you want to look stylish rather than uncomfortable, remember to adjust the proportions. How do the top designers and stylists do this? For example, they pair a loose outer garment with a belt at the waist or balance the massive multilayered top with a narrow-silhouetted bottom.

2) If you want your look to be holistic, remember to adjust volume and mass of the clothes to your archetype's natural scale. For example, all Classics have to keep the volume to medium scale.

2. THE 80s
Nobody imagined that the trend for the 80's would be so popular in the women's fashion. Designers have been inspired by this time period during the last two seasons, but the newest collections have emphasized the era of disco even more.

Ultra-short dresses, huge shoulders, vinyl, leather, wild animal prints, bright sparkling textures – the crowd favourites of the 80's are sticking on the fashion front. Don't be afraid of being too bright and outrageous, because now you have a leg to stand on with critic friends and conservative family members – it's fashionable.

This trend is best for Dramatic, Gamin-Dramatic, and Natural-Dramatic archetypes.

Do you like western films? A fascinating plot, brave cowboys, squabbles in taverns, tense horse chases… The atmosphere in these films is created not only by beautiful set locations but also by the thematic costumes of the characters, which inspire designers to emulate the style of the Wild West.

The new Fall/Winter collections confirm that cowboy hats, leather trousers, denim, Cossack boots, and suede jackets with fringe will find a place in a fashionable woman's wardrobe this season.

This trend is ideal for the Natural-Dramatic archetype.

It seems like the designers of the world are going to create a fashion trade union, demonstrated by their collections with clothes that look more like uniforms of construction workers, road workers and other unionized worker professions.

The uniform attracts fashion designers in that it expresses strength, has character, and carries a certain message. This Fall-Winter season, outfits that resemble uniforms are a great way to demonstrate that you are in the loop with the latest fashion trends.

This trend is best for Dramatic and Natural-Dramatic archetypes.

The sportswear style has been featured by fashion designers in their collections in various ways: sweatshirts, bomber jackets, race stripe pants, and other sporty clothes have long been fashionable and present on runways. This year, the sportswear style theme calls on windbreakers, which are a combination of comfort, technology and the retro 80's.

Remember the thin and light jackets that we wore camping 30-40 years ago? Yes, windbreakers are back in fashion now. In the current Fall-Winter season, the windbreaker outperforms the rest of the outerwear, offering protection from rain and wind. Between eccentric oversized designs resembling huge mountains and light airy versions of smaller cut designs – choose a design that will warm your soul in the upcoming cold season.

This trend is good for every archetype but has to be adjusted accordingly.

Aesthetics with maximum comfort are prominent through the Fall/Winter 2018-2019 collections. Down jackets are an everyday armor for modern life. Pushing the envelope even further, designers suggest combining a down jacket with a second down jacket, trench or coat. Can't choose between a down jacket or a wool coat? No problem! Wear both. Utilitarianism is in this season – the larger and heavier the down jacket, the trendier it is.

This trend will work for every archetype but has to be adjusted accordingly.

In the new season, designers literally took up the empowerment of women. Women are increasingly more recognized in politics, film, fashion and other areas. The fashion staple of opera singers, superheroes and monks – a cape – is now firmly established in the wardrobe of a modern woman.

A cape or cloak is not only meant to protect against the cold. They also add a touch of drama to the image. Some designers went even further, suggesting models wrap themselves in large blankets instead of outerwear.

This trend is perfect for Natural-Dramatic, Natural, Natural-Classic archetypes.

In contrast to the masculine trends of recent years, we are witnessing a romantic stylization of the women's wardrobe: airy skirts, lace dresses, and flower prints. The modern interpretation of romantic style is a game of stylistic contrasts, thus strict fashion rules are not welcomed. The more stylistic contrasts appear in the "romantic" ensemble, the better. So, you could see the combination of a flouncy dress with down jacket and sneakers on the runway.

It's safe to say that polarity is often one of the motifs used by all modern designers. This is especially noticeable in women's fashion, because modern women want to emphasize their strength and independence. If they like a romantic style without being associated with soft femininity, a new romantic style trend is created for them.

This trend is best for the Romantic-Dramatic archetype.



For a long time, neon has not quite taken center stage in women's fashion, but in the current Fall-Winter season, neon shows itself in full glory. Bright neon colours, characteristic more for the spring-summer period, made their way in the autumn-winter season 2018-2019 in order to illuminate the bleak cold days and give us unrestrained energy of fun.

Neon clothes are a sure way to stand out from the crowd. Electric blue, lemon yellow, bright orange, luminescent green and other shades of neon will become the trendiest in the Fall-Winter colour palette. Take note of another microtrend for the most daring fashionistas – colour blocking based on neon colours.

This trend is for Pure Spring, Pure Autumn, and Pure and Shaded Winters.

Although some may consider pink a frivolous colour, I am convinced that the struggle with the grayness of everyday life has no better opponent than colour. In the spring and summer, the palette of pink shades was soft, light, pastel, and in the Fall-Winter season, pink is represented by brighter and more vibrant shades.

The sweeping bright pink from head to toe is the vitamin C of fashion that can improve any mood. Pay special attention to the combination of pink with orange and red, provided that you are not afraid to experiment and are ready for all the heads that will turn your direction.

This trend is for Pure Spring, Shaded Winter, and Pure Winter.


Metallic silver has long ceased to exist solely for special occasions – now, it is a colour appropriate in any setting. This Fall-Winter season, we temporarily shelf gold in our wardrobe to highlight and let the silvers shine.

Silver always brings a dynamic energy to your image, giving it a futuristic vibe. Guided by the fashion of the future, silver clothes are a wonderful long-term investment in the wardrobe. It looks powerful on its own, but its intensity can also be balanced by combining it with black or blue.

This trend is for Winter and Summer colorings.



Previously, flowers were reserved for the Spring/Summer collections, but now we see that designers did not give up this elegant print in Fall/Spring this year. Thankfully, we can wear flowers all the time, regardless of the season.

So, which flowers will be in the trend for 2018 and 2019? In the spring, multicoloured flower gardens appeared on fashion, but this did not stick as the leading trend. In the new Fall/Winter season, we see both pastel and bright flowers, exotic plants in vivacious colours, as well as seasonal still-lifes in a dark palette.

This trend is for Gamin-Romantic, Romantic, Natural-Romantic, and Romantic-Dramatic archetypes.


Plaid is a favourite of every Fall/Winter season and 2018-2019 is no exception. Recently, we were delighted with the subdued gray plaid and it was typically found on blazers and coats. In the coming season, we are not going to abandon this timeless trend, but we see an expansion of the colour palette, experimentation with its size, location on clothes and prominence in one image. Tartan, Gingham, Glen plaid, Argyle plaid is possible in any variation you can think of, so it will not be difficult to find the one that suits you personally.

This trend is for Dramatic-Classic, Gamin-Classic, and Natural-Classic archetypes.


As part of the 80's resurgence, we can admire the staying power of the animal print. From tiger to zebra, leopard to python – clothes with all sorts of wild spots and stripes are captured on the runways, emphasizing strength, independence and is frankly attention-grabbing.

If in previous seasons we were shown smaller doses of animal print in the form of shoes and accessories, for example, fashion now calls for more daring options – a full coat, dress or suit, even head to toe options. In addition, the colouring can be far from the natural: the new Fall/Winter collections feature anything from green leopard to pink zebra.

This trend is for the Natural-Dramatic archetype.

Slowly but surely, we part with mottoes on clothes. Bold slogans that reflect our views, including politics or culture, give way to the "good old" logo.

Despite constant discussions about whether the logo is kitsch, some of the most successful fashion labels do not intend to give up. Large and small logos with the name and symbolism of fashion brands are found in many Fall/Winter collections.

What changed? The meaning behind logos. If previously their appearance indicated a symbol of status, now it is more reflective of nostalgia, a reference to the fashion of the 90's.

This trend is for Dramatic, Gamin-Dramatic, Gamin-Classic and Dramatic-Classic archetypes.

A silk scarf with beautiful ornaments can be attributed to a work of art, and in the current Fall/Winter season, designers featured the motifs.

This season, they showcased silk scarves different from the classic way, tied on the head or neck, but rather made entire compositions entirely made up of scarves. This pattern is a gallant curtsy in the retro direction, so if there is not enough vintage luxury in your wardrobe, pay attention to all things with a classic silk scarf or handkerchief print. It can be found in silk dresses and skirts, tops and blouses, and even outerwear – coats and blazers – with elements of a typical silk scarf pattern.

This trend is best for Romantic-Dramatic, Gamin-Romantic, and Romantic-Natural archetypes.

Fabrics and Textiles

More and more designers are opting for faux fur. Even such brands as Gucci and Versace, historically using only natural fur in their collections, have recently abandoned it, replacing it with faux fur. In addition to the ethical issue, we see a wider range of possibility in terms of design – faux fur permits any possible colours and volume.

To resist this trend is meaningless, and it is not necessary when there are so many options of worthy alternatives. To be among the trendsetters – buy yourself a bright three-dimensional faux fur coat.

This trend is great for any archetype if the fur is according to your archetype's scale and textures.

In the 2018-2019 Fall/Winter season, leather jackets and coats have prevailed. This season highlights the leather dress in particular. Yes, silk and velvet are also good, but what to wear when it comes to work? This season's collections have spoken, and we confidently turn to the leather dress.

Do not lose sight of the "two in one" option – a dress with the cut of a trench coat. The runways showed dress-coats to be very popular. The leather dress is not an easy piece to master. Do you have any ideas? Try to bring in turtleneck or trousers into the image by wearing them under the dress.

This trend is for Gamin, Gamin-Dramatic, Gamin-Classic, Dramatic-Classic, Romantic-Dramatic, Natural-Dramatic, and Dramatic archetypes.

Innovative materials and futuristic cuts still attract us. We are constantly referring to the fashion of past eras, and at the same time, look ahead and ask ourselves – what will our wardrobe look like in ten, twenty or thirty years? Will we stay consistent, or will we dress like the heroes of sci-fi movies?

Patent vinyl coats, transparent plastic capes and latex dresses with a holographic effect will undoubtedly inspire a futuristic image. This season, designers skillfully build bridges between the past and the future – for example, innovative materials combined with cozy knitted knitwear – and modern fashion creates an original pairing with elements inspired by retro style.

This trend is for Gamin, Gamin-Dramatic, and Dramatic archetypes.

Details and Décor

Fringe has different associations: some associate it with the twenties and the jazz era, when long strings adorned the dresses, compensating for their shorter length; others relate fringe to the hippy style of the 70s; some associate fringe with the culture of the Native Americans of the Wild West.

As you can see, the fringe has a rich history and it is also one of the most prominent trends of the season. The fringe in the Fall-Winter season of 2018/2019 adorns not only clothes, but also footwear, and even accessories.

This trend is for Gamin, Gamin-Romantic, Gamin-Dramatic, Gamin-Natural, Natural-Romantic, and Natural-Dramatic archetypes.

By the autumn-winter season, the wardrobe usually needs a total renewal. And there is one sure way: introducing ruffles, frills and ruched trims. Introduce this type of detail to remind yourself that you can still be feminine, girly and flouncy in this the fast-paced chaotic world we live in.

This isn't the first season that world fashion brands play with ruffles and frills on blouses and shirts. If you are into the romantic style, you can look for ways to add a bit of flounce to existing pieces by buying some trim to complement a simple silhouette and cut.

This trend is for Gamin-Romantic, Romantic, Romantic-Classic, Natural-Romantic, and Romantic-Dramatic archetypes.

Forget modesty this Fall/Winter 2018-2019 season! The runways give us their blessing of introducing flashy sparkles and sequins, introducing some bold flavour to any quiet minimalism. Sweaters, jackets, jeans, and coats are decorated with a plethora of shiny elements – this season, sparkles and sequins have completely taken over the day to day wardrobe.

This bold contrast gives an amazing sense of inner freedom in handling fashion. If you love the dramatic style, try combining these elements in the most contradictory ways, using the runways as your inspiration.

This trend is for Gamin-Dramatic, Dramatic, and Romantic-Dramatic archetypes.


In many countries of the world, headwear is not so much a fashion statement as it is a necessity during the cold winter months. This Fall/Winter season, fashion happened to meet our needs, and in new collections we see a lot of headwear, continuing on from last Fall/Winter season. The trendiest of them is a balaclava. Perfect for those looking to stay warm on the frosty days and still stay trendy.

This trend is for Gamin-Natural, Natural, and Natural-Romantic archetypes.

This Fall/Winter season, we continue to embrace bling with some large-scale flashy earrings. Time to put those diamond studs away and put on the earrings that will catch anyone's eye at a distance.

Let's take a look back at the 60's: short haircuts, ponytails and huge hoop earrings. The bigger the better! If they don't even fit into your jewelry box, even better.

This trend is for Gamin-Dramatic, Natural, Natural-Dramatic, and Dramatic archetypes.

The leather belt reaches its maximum width in the Fall/Winter season of 2018-2019, and in an effort to emphasize the waist, it can reach the width of the corset. It is recommended to wear this kind of belt not only over top dresses and trousers but also over outerwear – coats and jackets. The massive metal buckle is also back: this trend echoes the 80's.

This trend is for Gamin-Dramatic, Natural-Dramatic, and Dramatic archetypes.

Disclaimer: all images are copyright to their respective owners and Vogue.com. These images are being shared for editorial reasons only and no copyright infringement is intended.

Are you feeling as inspired as we are to go shopping and inject some of these amazing and unique trends into your wardrobe?

The most important thing to remember is that no matter what is trending, your natural archetype and coloring – your unique individuality – comes first! There is not a single fashion trend that should override and overpower your natural features!

That is why we want your individuality to shine so that you can…
Be Radiant. Be Brilliant. Be Remarkable.
Own your chic.

I don't make clothes look good on you.
I make it so that YOU look exquisite in your clothes.

Eva Easton, M. Ed.

Authentic Personal Style, Color, And Image

Creator of the Beauty Code Method

Brainz 500 Global Honoree 2021

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