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Polish your skills on successfully shopping stress-free and confidently buy only those clothes and accessories which are ideal for your individuality!
Is shopping for clothing a frustrating experience and that is why you avoid it as much as possible?

Are you exhausted and disappointed wandering around a shopping mall for hours with no result?

Do you buy clothes that are the trend of the season so that your wardrobe becomes storage for clothes that don't work with each other?

Do you spend lots of money on clothes that lie at the back of your closet for years?

Do you stare at your closet every morning and feel like you have nothing to wear, even though it's full of clothes?

Do you have a closet full of clothes and accessories that are nice on their own, but they do not coordinate with each other?

Are you constantly frustrated and confused that you have a closet full of clothes that you don't like how they look on you and you don't know why?
Eva Easton
Code to Chic Founder
A great number of stores, having a deficit of free time and a lack of an accurate structured knowledge about your individuality, colours, styles, etc. creates stress.

Fatigue after a long shopping trip, confusion at the sight of a wide variety of choices, and wasted time spent on trying on wrong clothes result in a lot of frustration.

Even if you are lucky enough to find beautiful pieces, they do not work with what you already have in your wardrobe. Often you even have to return clothes or accessories you like because you do not know how to put together nice outfits with them.

I've got your back!
You will practice shopping with me!


  • Feel great making your shopping pleasant, stress free and successful.
  • Navigate stores efficiently walking straight past things that you know don't work for you.
  • Remove the doubt of making the right purchases and make well-informed decisions when shopping.
  • Stop wasting your money on clothes you won't wear.
  • Save a lot of time when shopping as you know exactly what you are looking for.
  • Love shopping as you shop with confidence and buy clothes that ideally suit you and perfectly work with the rest of your wardrobe.
  • Quickly decide whether to buy specific pieces or not without regretting or second guessing it later.
  • Buy ideal clothes you love that suit you and perfectly work with the rest of your wardrobe that don't sit in your closet for months.
  • Confidently put together new awesome sets, interesting and fashionable outfits right away while shopping.
  • Have a wardrobe where everything is ideal for you and allows you to look great for any life occasion and feel beautiful.

I invite you to go on an exciting and fun shopping adventure with me!

Shopping practice with a personal style, colour and image coach will change your shopping experience forever. Now that you know your Beauty Code, it is time to make this knowledge work for you. Together with me you will practice quick and efficient shopping for your ideal wardrobe applying everything you already know about your individuality.

While walking through the stores of a shopping center,

  • I will show you how to see "your thing" from afar without even going around the store or how to navigate in a store and find exactly what you need fast.

  • I will coach you on what is worth looking at and trying on and what things you just walk past as you know they don't work for you.

  • You will practice choosing the right clothes and accessories in your ideal personal colours and styles.

  • You will practice putting together awesome outfits in various beautiful colour combinations within your personal colour palette applying various colour schemes.

This will result in you skillfully shopping with minimum time and effort for maximum outfits that suit your individuality and ideally mix and match with each other and your wardrobe, and of course, feeling confident and happy!



  • Make shopping focused on your individuality.
  • Apply everything you know about your individuality to your own wardrobe right away.
  • Look for your ideal personal colours in clothes and accessories.
  • Look for clothes and accessories that are ideal for your authentic personal style.
  • Apply colour schemes putting together awesome outfits in various beautiful colour combinations within your personal colour palette.
  • Choose the right clothes that will really highlight your best features.
  • Put together awesome outfits and create ensembles in your personal colours and styles while shopping.
  • Have fewer clothes but more outfits.
  • Take the right steps for a successful purchase.
  • Shop and sort through your ideal clothes effectively and efficiently, spending less time on finding more quality and critical pieces that complete your wardrobe.
Shopping practice is great training on how to successfully shop stress-free for yourself
and confidently buy only those clothes and accessories
which are ideal for your individuality.

Enjoy your shopping practice for $800 USD/hour

* Shopping practice is available in Calgary ONLY for existing clients of Code to Chic, who have previously purchased any of My Colour Code, My Style Code or My Beauty Code services.

* During shopping practice, you do not purchase anything. Shopping practice is for coaching, applying knowledge about your individuality and training confident shopping skills. If you see something you like, make a note and purchase that item on your own later.

* On average, the duration of shopping practice is 3 hours.

* Minimum duration is 2 hours.

I don't make clothes look good on you.
I make it so that YOU look exquisite in your clothes.

Eva Easton, M. Ed.

Authentic Personal Style, Color, And Image

Creator of the Beauty Code Method

Brainz 500 Global Honoree 2021

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