for 40+ female coaches,
consultants, and experts

- Transform your Wardrobe according to
your Authentic Personal Style

- Use your Style to create an unforgettable presence whether you are in person or online

- Stand out and be memorable to attract dream clients

Your Personal Brand that aligns with your Authentic Personal Style isn't just about clothes.
It is about your Confidence and Success
in your Personal Life and Business!
Eva Easton, M. Ed., Code to Chic Founder
Your Personal Style Brand
You will never get a second chance to create a first impression


In the modern world, it is crucial to create a good impression and position yourself well both verbally and visually. Set the stage to create that solid reputation you need for personal and professional relationships. Cherished and sought-after jobs are competitive and constantly evolving and changing. If you are able to create and maintain a trusting and professional image, you better believe that more doors will open when you knock.

Humans are naturally social creatures. We strive to connect and create relationships with others. What would happen if you portrayed yourself genuinely on the outside, as you are on the inside?
There are some things you cannot change – your bone structure, your facial features, the shape of your eyes, etc. However, you can and should be using what you have to your advantage.

You will make an impression on people whether you like it or not, and whether it is positive or not. Why don't you take creative control of the impression you create and the message you send to the world?

Your image is a tool and we will teach you how to craft and mold it so that you will create
a memorable presence, the personal brand you desire and feel confident in every situation.

Look sharp!

UNIQUENESS... This quality unites women all over the world,
regardless of their appearance, age, temperament, tastes, lifestyle or heritage.

Every person has unique inner beauty and we love you for that!
But quite often it appears that you do not see or celebrate it.

Our mission is to help you discover yourself and your unique beauty, polish and shine it,
and bring it out for the world to see.
We will show you the shortest path to yourself - to the AUTHENTIC, BEAUTIFUL YOU!

Before and After

Empowering high-achieving

female coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs over 40

to create a memorable personal brand through authentic personal style

so they look their best, dress for success, and stand out in the marketplace

Drawing on proven exclusive style methodology, we craft actionable style and image content that you can apply today.
We deliver professional, high-quality, exclusive information ranging from step by step formulas
to full multi-day online training courses.

Discover your authentic personal style
and solidify your personal brand!

We focus on you and your very essence by
bringing out your authenticity and helping you design
the impression and message you want to share
with the world.
Be the best self you can be! We know you're cut
like a diamond – radiant, brilliant and remarkable.

Dress your best and feel confident!
You always make an impression on people whether you want it or not.
Does your image improve your relations with others
or with yourself?
Do you hold your head higher, shoulders back, because you are confident and shining?
Your personal brand is your superpower!

Dress for success and achieve your professional goals!

Our EXCLUSIVE style and image content and methodology
is designed to help you build a PERSONALIZED WARDROBE
that celebrates and honours your UNIQUE features and
solidifies your PERSONAL BRAND

Choose to learn how to be your own style expert
through our digital courses or
apply for a one-on-one done for you consultations

Create your memorable PERSONAL BRAND
that aligns with your professional goals and unlocks your Authentic Personal Style code!

Get a step-by-step plan
on creating your new authentic personal style and desired professional personal brand,
according to your lifestyle and current life goals

Match colours in outfits
and makeup with ease
and confidence

Take the shortest path to discovering yourself -
to the unique, authentic, beautiful you and solidify your personal brand so that you create a memorable presence and feel confident

Put together the greatest number of outfits with fewer pieces with confidence

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