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The Personalized
Wardrobe System™ Masterclass
How to create a stylish and well-coordinated wardrobe system where everything authentically flatters you and flawlessly goes together for all your occasions without wasting money on mistakes when shopping, even if your body is changing, old combinations don't work, and you're not sure where to start.
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Figure Flair Secrets:
The Complete Curated Collection Of 236 Recipes For Dressing Your Body Attractively
This Ultimate Collection Of 31 Lookbooks that includes the cherry-picked stack of 236 recipes represents the absolute best of the best tips and tricks to re-mapping your body and making it look as attractive as possible.
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The Art of Perfect Color Combinations:
How to Match Colors in Outfits and Makeup with Ease and Confidence
Everyone dreams of owning a multi-colored wardrobe but in reality, most of the clothes they own are dark shades, such as black, brown, gray.
Knowing the secrets of perfect color combinations will take care of this!
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I don't make clothes look good on you.
I make it so that YOU look exquisite in your clothes.

Eva Easton, M. Ed.

Authentic Personal Style, Color, And Image

Creator of the Beauty Code Method

Brainz 500 Global Honoree 2021

Our advantages

Exclusive Knowledge and Unique Personal Style System
in Working with Individual Features
We have gathered and put together special unique knowledge about female nature, individual features, characteristics and needs of women - and they are completely different at every stage of life! Your unique natural features, age, lifestyle, preferences - we successfully work with all of them and teach you how to polish them and bring to shine. We deliver professional and high-quality exclusive information ranging from step by step formulas to full multi-day online training courses. At home, on the playground, in the office with colleagues and subordinates, or with your online clients - you will always look appropriate, authentic, beautiful and confident.
Easy Application in Everyday Life
Each Style and Image School training program, masterclass, webinar, e-book, etc. is aimed at solving the most urgent, frequent and individual problems of women with their wardrobe, image and style. If you need something special - you will always get the best unique personal solution working with Eva one on one. All our recommendations are for real women. Drawing on proven style systems and strategies, we craft actionable style and image content that you can apply today.
Achieving YOUR Goals
We focus on You and Your very essence by bringing out your authenticity and helping you design the impression and message you want to share with the world. Eva's exclusive image methodology is thorough with knowledge of different types of unique female features and characteristics. Thanks to this, we will guide you by the hand to the result you need so that you can achieve your personal and professional goals.
Optimal Training System
We know that the day of a modern woman is filled with a lot of everyday chores and events, and you often do not have enough time for yourself. Therefore, all our learning materials (videos, workbooks, etc.) are self-paced, very well illustrated and simple to understand. Our Unique Personal Style System is easy to apply so you will be able to quickly and efficiently solve all your wardrobe challenges.

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